Here’s a ‘SPECTRE’ Trailer With Roger Moore — Not Daniel Craig — as James Bond – video
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Here’s a ‘SPECTRE’ Trailer With Roger Moore — Not Daniel Craig — as James Bond


Roger Moore’s and Daniel Craig’s performances as super-spy 007 couldn’t be more different. Moore’s James Bond was a wry playboy who raised his eyebrows through seven borderline campy films in the ‘70s and ‘80s, while Craig’s version hews closer to the strong, silent, and deadly action star type.

But no matter how polar opposite they are, a Bond movie is still a Bond movie, as evidenced by the video above.

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Visual effects studio Mars VFX re-edited the latest action-packed SPECTRE trailer to replace Craig’s Bond with Moore’s, using clips from several of Moore’s outings as the secret agent. (Moore has already tweeted his approval.) Most prominent are the fantastic skiing shots pulled from 1976′s The Spy Who Loved Me, during which Moore’s Bond hit the slopes of the Austrian Alps — the same range that Craig’s 007 will conquer in director Sam Mendes’ next Bond film that hits theaters Nov. 6.

Also amusing: the juxtaposition of technology old and new. We’d actually be quite excited if Q gives Craig a fax-machine watch in SPECTRE.

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