Dynamic Perception Timelapse Dolly Stage Zero – Video Hit
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Dynamic Perception Timelapse Dolly Stage Zero

Published on 8月 10, 2015 by wakana

Dynamic Perception’s mission is to provide low-cost and easy-to-use photographic motion control systems.

Sean Stiegemeier used our prototype v2.1 to produce his stunning footage of the Iceland volcano ( vimeo.com/11673745 ) and the results speak for themselves!! We have made significant improvements in v2.2 which is our pre-production model. The final product will have even more improvements!

Horizontal, inverted, diagonal, upside-down, and even sideways the setup possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Quick release and ability to use as a slider to preview and adjust your track position before starting your timelapse move. Easy to use and VERY flexible motor controller (see links to ‘tours’ above ). Available in 6′ length.

Soundbed:”human imagination” by maxx

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