Grandeur Nature 2007 timelapse movie – Video Hit
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Grandeur Nature 2007 timelapse movie

Published on 8月 10, 2015 by wakana

This is a movie we made for the Grandeur Nature film festival (, in summer 2007. It was intended to be projected as an appetizer before 35mm feature films

The idea was to emphasize the landscape beauty, and to propose an original point of view of this Alps region, as far as timelapse is…

Some shots are boring, some others beautiful…

As there is no end credits, here is a quick list of people involved into it :

• Shots were made by : Stephan Bonnefoy, Didier Mallet, Jan Karel Lameer (, Xavier Gilles, Mathias Catala, and myself.
• Image processing & color timing was done by myself
• Editing was made by Laurent Frappa and myself
• Musics are from :
– Transvaal ( )
– Umaano ( )
– Silvano Mercado ( )

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