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KAINUU | Timelapse

Published on 8月 10, 2015 by wakana

This summer I was determined to fulfill one of my projects what I’ve had in mind for a longer time, a timelapse project about my home region Kainuu, located in central Finland.
In four months of time I started my timelapse project at the first week of my summer holiday at my grandparents’ summer cottage and that’s were I came to end my final scene in one of the many coming frosty autumn nights. None of this wouldn’t have been possible without the people who took part of the project in their own way. The same story goes on while exploring new locations here in Kainuu with people taking part in the adventure.
If you are interested about the locations featured in the film, scroll down to see the location list.

All the clips are available for licensing up to 4-5k resolution. Besides licensing if you’ve any questions or projects in mind, contact me at:

The soundtrack was composed by James Everingham, be sure to check him out:
“Entity” – James Everingham

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