NASA Observatory Timelapse – Video Hit
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NASA Observatory Timelapse

Published on 8月 10, 2015 by wakana

The sheer beauty of the Universe is unbelievable. To sit back and watch God’s Creation is truly a breathtaking experience.

All 10,000 photographs in this timelapse were taken with a Nikon D3S aboard the Earth’s Observing System (EOS). If you look closely, you will see thunderstorms, auroras, major cities, and even the outline of the United States (Florida up to Maine). In one scene, the Milky Way Galaxy can been seen in the distance over the Atlantic Ocean.

Major thanks to NASA for the still photographs:
Thanks to The Film Artist for bringing this to my attention.

Composed in Quicktime 7 Pro
Edited in Premiere CS6
Music by The American Dollar

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