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Timelapse: Yellowstone National Park

Published on 8月 10, 2015 by wakana

Yellowstone National park in all of its glory (hole). From explosive geysers to star-filled nightscapes, this video captures the stunning beauty of an iconic national park.

Turn the Volume up, HD on and enjoy this National Park Experience!
*if you are capable of watching in a higher resolution than 1080p choose original on youtube: youtu.be/FBpbqaT66os as this film was finished in 4k*

Yellowstone National Park has something for everyone. From Geysers, to thermal pools, to waterfalls, to The Grand Canyon, it crosses the spectrum of natural wonders.

It was an absolute joy to photograph Yellowstone. Sunsets seem to last longer than usual (potentially due to the elevation). At times, the technical aspect of shooting was rather difficult because I could only shoot from boardwarlks, which is a limiter. Also, the hot steam from the geysers can fog up a camera lens very quickly! One of the biggest highlights was finding a secret, hot spring swimming hole and enjoying the hot/cold water from different streams. It is also very common to be stopped in the middle of the road for large groups of Bison to cross. This was something I did not get used to. They are absolutely massive!

The equipment used to make this video included:
Canon 6d,
Canon 5d mark ii,
Rokinon 14mm f/2.8
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8
Emotimo TB3 Black
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero

Film + Edit: Joel Schat (joelschat.com)
Music: Todd Mowbray

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